Highlights from Feb. 11 Senate Meeting

Sarah Ricevuto

New senators sworn in.
Photo from video courtesy of Sarah Ricevuto

Learning about your legislation

Thirty-nine senators and several students who aspire to be senators attended the legislative training approved at the Jan. 30 meeting. The training consisted of six presentations from legislative committees.

The presentations informed senators on Elections and Appointments, Constitution and Statutes, Student Advocacy, Budget and Allocations, University Affairs, Senate President Pro-Tempore.

Senate Appointment

Aaron Anderson was appointed to senate with 38 approvals and one disapproval. Dylan Hugh did not receive the two-thirds vote he needed to be appointed to senate. He received 21 approvals and 18 disapprovals.

New Justice

Hailey Guerra was approved in a 40-0 vote to the student judicial branch as an associate justice.

Budget Approved with Minor Changes

Senator Brady approved a slight change to the 2013-2014 A&S Budget. He proposed that the budget allow the Student Wellness Complex to distribute their funds as they see fit in order to make up for the twenty-five cent decrease in wages. The amendment was approved 38-1. The amended budget was approved 39-0.

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