Foot groper identified, warned

Carter Roush


On Feb. 7, UPD identified a suspect who reportedly groped two women’s feet in the library on separate occasions.

On Feb. 5, Alyssa Heim reported being approached by another student who claimed he was conducting an anonymous survey on health issues relating to feet.

The victim believed the con to be an actual health survey and proceeded to answer the questions she was asked, ending with the suspect measuring her feet.

UPD recognized that this incident was similar to report on Oct. 31 and called Heim in order to gather further details, along with a description of the suspect. The suspect’s description matched the characteristics of the previous case’s suspect, resulting in the police bringing him in for questioning.

The suspect, a UNF student, denied the allegations at first but then recanted his previous statement and admitted to conducting the survey for health issues with no ill or wrongful intentions.

UPD explained to him that his survey was conducted under false pretenses and for his own personal gratification and told him to cease immediately. They recommended the suspect visit the UNF Counseling Center and referred the case to Student Conduct.

No criminal charges are pending.

Sgt. Dwayne Howard of UPD said that no actual laws have been broken, making it difficult to charge the man with a crime.

Heim said, “There’s no crime, so if there’s no crime, there’s nothing they [UPD] can do”. She said she has taken a foothold that she just wants to move on and put the incident behind her.

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