Police Beat – March 4

Carter Roush


Feb. 28 Theft (Lot 18) – A parking decal was stolen off the windshield of a student’s car while she was in class. The student made contact with UPD, who were unable to find any residue from a parking pass in the designated area and did not detect any substance that could lead to an accurate fingerprint reading. The student was advised to contact UNF Parking Services for further assistance.


Feb.  28 Theft (Student Union) An officer met with a student employee who claims that $23 had been stolen from her wallet. However, all other contents of the victim’s wallet were still in place, including an additional $40 and several credit cards. The police are interviewing anyone who might have been working in the same room that the theft occurred in. The case is still open to further investigation.


Feb. 24 Knock and Talk(Osprey Crossings) –  An officer at knocked on a student’s door in the Crossings and confronted him with allegations that he was dealing drugs on campus. The officer explained to the student that he had come in contact with several of his customers who given up the student’s name. The officer warned the student to stop his illegal distribution activities. The student said he would take care of it and apologized for any problems he caused.


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