Highlights from the March 11 Senate Meeting

Sarah Ricevuto

senate-logoPro-temp is now synonymous with Constitutions and Statutes Chairman

A unanimous vote now means that the Senate President Pro-temp position should also be the Constitutions and Statutes Chairman. Senator Chris Brady, sponsor of the bill, said the Pro-temp and the C.S.C both handle opposite sides of the same aspect. He said it seemed more time and cost efficient to combine the two.


Nominations for the Fall 2013/Spring 2014 Senate President and Committee Chairs were made. They are as follows:

Senate Body President: Christopher Brady

Pro-temp: Kaitlin Ramirez, Meghan Cunningham

Student Advocacy Chairman: Emily Antworth

Budget and Allocations Chairman: Fransua Estrada

University Affairs Committee Chairman: Justin Turner

Constitutions and Statutes Chairman: Justin Turner

Parlimentarian: Rush, Kyler Dykes

The senators were urged by their advisor, Katie Delaney, to nominate a C.S.C because the bill combining C.S.C and Pro-temp had not yet been signed by the president.

Elections will be held in senate on April 1.

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