Police Beat – March 25

Carter Roush



Logo-policebeat5March 20 Stolen Parking Pass (Garage 38): A UPD officer arrived at the Student Government Office in building 58E, room 3303, concerning the theft of a student’s park pass from Garage 38. The student said he left his car in the garage next to the arena for several days last week and noticed his pass, which is only registered to members of Student Government, was missing. Due to the delay of the report and no sign of damage or forced entry, the officer did not attempt to lift any fingerprints and the investigation has been suspended.

March 20 Traffic Stop and Arrest (Alumni Drive and Kernan): A UPD officer stopped and arrested a man driving through the intersection of Alumni and Kernan. The officer stopped the suspect for a broken brake light and ran the suspect’s information through the FCIC/NCIC database. The search revealed that the suspect had a possible warrant against him. After the officer issued a citation for the brake light, the warrant was confirmed and the man was arrested. He told the officer that there was also a glass pipe and metal grinder in his car. The officer found the paraphernalia in the glove compartment and center console after the suspect gave written and verbal consent to allow the search of his car. The suspect was then taken to the Pre-Trial Detention Facility and banned from UNF’s campus.


March 24 Drug Paraphernalia (Osprey Cove Building V): Two UPD officers responded to room 306 in Building V of the Osprey Cove after a fire alarm had gone off. The officers knocked on the door and identified themselves as police, but they received no answer. Upon entering the room, the officers noticed a cloud of smoke, as well as a strong odor of marijuana. There were no residents present in the room, and the window had been left open.  After a visual search, the officers did not find a fire, but did notice a metal grinder sitting on a desk, as well as a red paperclip in the garbage covered in marijuana residue. An officer then picked up a sock on the desk and felt something inside it, discovering a pipe hidden in the sock. The RAs were then advised of the situation and attempted to contact the room’s residents.

March 25 Drug Use (Lot 48): As an officer was patrolling Lot 48, he noticed a car with two people sitting in it. While approaching the vehicle, the officer noticed a cloud of smoke surrounding the passengers inside the vehicle. The air filled with the smell of burning marijuana as the officer made contact with the driver. After asking if there was anything illegal in the car, the passenger handed him a pipe and a small amount of marijuana from underneath his seat. The officer asked again if he would find anything else in the car and they said no. The driver gave consent for his car to be searched further and more marijuana was found inside the glove compartment. The passenger claimed responsibility for both the .80 grams of marijuana and the pipe. He was issued a Notice to Appear in court and banned from UNF’s campus, since he is not a student. The driver was referred to Student Conduct for smoking marijuana on campus.

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