Police Beat – March 26

Carter Roush

Logo-policebeat5March 25 Drug Use (Osprey Cove Building U):  After responding to a call from Building V of the Osprey Cove, an officer smelled the odor of burning marijuana around an area outside Building U. The officer’s position provided a view of a window on the building’s second floor. The window shades began to move, and the officer noticed someone looking at him through the blinds. After backup arrived, the officers went to the second floor of building U and found two male students exiting room U125 and informed them they smelled of marijuana. One officer reasoned with the students that he would not arrest them if they handed over the marijuana, and the students handed over three joints. The RA was notified and the students received a reminder that UNF has a zero-tolerance drug policy and were given a warning from the officer.

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