Police Beat for the week of April 3

Carter Roush


March 21 Theft (Building 1): While returning from a business trip to Newark, New Jersey, the Vice President of the General Counsel discovered that her iPad had was missing. She had rented a car during the trip and believed the iPad would still be in the car but was told by the rental car company that it was not. Since the tracking device has been turned off, it is difficult to locate the iPad and no new information has developed.

March 26 Injury (Building 15): A UPD officer responded to a report of an injury around the area of building 14. Lying on the ground was a student who had attempted to do a trick on her skateboard, but failed and injured her left ankle. After being evaluated by Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, the girl refused transportation to a hospital and waited for a friend to take her instead.

March 29 Abandoned Trailer (Building 6): The manager of UNF Grounds/Recycling alerted UPD about an abandoned enclosed trailer that was found in construction area #18. After moving it to the loading dock in Building #6, the police arrived and inspected the vehicle. A yellow security lock used for transporting the vehicle has been cut off and the license plate found on the vehicle was not the one originally registered to it. The doors for the trailer were also locked with Master Locks, which prevented the police from taking inventory so owner registration information was not found. An officer tracked down the license plate’s original owners to Cypress Church Ministries, a church in Gainesville, FL but the phone number was listed as not working.  The vehicle remains in the loading dock of Building #6.

March 29 License Plate Found (Garage 44): An employee of the UNF Parking Services was patrolling the second level of Garage #44 when he spotted a license plate sitting on the ground. After sending out a dispatch through FCIC/NCIC, UPD discovered that the tag had been reported stolen on 3/24/2013. One officer attempted to contact the tag’s owner but was unsuccessful and the license plate was taken by JSO.

March 31 Fight (Osprey Hall): An officer responded to a disturbance call at Osprey Hall in reference to a female and her ex-boyfriend’s altercation over a laptop. The female victim reported to UPD that they had not been dating for over a year but were still friends. The fight began in the parking lot of Lot 10 while the two were vacuuming the victim’s car and the male slammed the car door. The two continued to argue over the use of a laptop once they entered the victim’s dorm room. Her ex-boyfriend took the laptop without permission and the victim confronted him outside Osprey Hall. She unzipped his backpack and found the laptop. He then threw the laptop on the ground and kicked it once or twice. The ex-couple then pushed each other while continuing to argue. When the police arrived they did not find any scratches or bruises on the girl and both declined to press charges. The male UNF student has been banned from returning to the UNF Hall and was referred to Student Conduct.

April 1 Sick Person (Building 12): An officer assisted an employee of the Physical Facilities department who was reported to be feeling sick in the library. The employee stated that he recently changed his medication and began to feel tired and dizzy after taking one of his pills. After being evaluated, JFRD transported the employee to Mayo Hospital for further assistance.

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