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Police Beat for Finals Week

Logo-policebeat5April 17 Stolen Property (Building 61): A UPD officer contacted a man after he reported his wallet stolen from his bike outside Building 61. The man is a non-student who was visiting a friend at Building 61 and left the wallet in a pouch on the back of his bicycle. When he returned, he said the wallet was missing. The man said he cancelled his debit card and the case remains open

April 18 Injured Student (Osprey Fountains):  A UPD officer was dispatched to the Osprey Fountains North Tower in response to a student who was bleeding from his tailbone. The injury was a preexisting one he aggravated earlier in the morning. The student was also experiencing pain and bruising around the tailbone. He was transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital.

April 18 Harassment (Building 53): An officer met with a UNF employee after she reported that a woman had called the school twice belligerently asking why she was not allowed on UNF property. The employee recommended she call UPD and the woman replied she had already tried and no one responded. The officer spoke with another UNF employee who says she spoke to the women that day about her not being allowed on campus the day before. The woman has an active trespass warrant prohibiting her from coming on campus. UPD is trying to contact the woman.

April 18 False Suicide Report: A student reported to UPD he thought that a female student was expressing suicidal thoughts through a text message conversation. An officer made contact with the female student who said she was fine and returning to campus. Another officer called the student the next morning and the student said she was fine. She said the person who made the call must have been pulling a prank.

April 18 Sick Person (Osprey Fountains): A UPD officer was dispatched to the Osprey Fountains in response to a sick person in room 440. The officer met with an RA and another student who led the officer to the sick person who was experiencing chest pains. The student has a history of chest pains and was transported to the Mayo Clinic for further treatment.

April 19 Damaged Property (Building 62): A UPD officer was dispatched to the UNF Housing and Maintenance building in response to a housing golf cart being stolen and submerged in the lake outside Building 62. The suspects removed the ties for a 24-foot section of fence behind Building 62 in order to access the building’s rear entrance. There were no signs of forced entry, and a UNF Housing employee said he might have accidentally left one of the back doors unlocked on Friday, April 19. UNF Housing and Maintenance employees saw the top of the golf cart in the lake early in the morning on Monday, April 22. A lock box containing keys to the golf carts was missing and a golf cart’s seat was torn. The suspects opened the garage door and damaged the rubber guardrail when exiting Building 62. Before the suspects left, they searched the mailroom and took an employee’s camera out of a desk. The estimated cost of damage of this incident is $2,600. JSO took the steering wheel of the stolen golf cart and the keys left in the ignition to inspect for fingerprints. The case remains open.

April 19 Allergic Reaction (Building 43): A high school student was attending his high school prom in Building 43, the University Center, when he had an allergic reaction to an unknown substance. A teacher chaperone alerted UPD and the student’s parents of the incident and the student was transferred to the Mayo Clinic.

April 20 Drug Use (Osprey Crossings): UPD officers were dispatched to room R136 in the Osprey Crossings in response to marijuana reportedly being smoked in the room. The officers were given permission to enter the room by the resident and came across four female UNF students and a non-student. The officer searched the room and found .07 grams of marijuana in the bathroom and a glass pipe under the bed. The students were referred to Student Conduct and the non-student was given a verbal warning.

April 20 Damaged Vehicle (Lot 10): A UPD officer met with a student in Lot 10 who reported that his motorcycle had been fallen over. The student was not sure if it had fallen over the night before or if it had been pushed over. The officer told the student that he would check the cameras and see if anything suspicious occurred.

April 21 Drug Use (Osprey Cove): An RA reported to UPD that he smelled burning marijuana coming from room V205 in the Osprey Cove. An officer spoke with a resident of the room and was allowed inside, where he saw marijuana in plain view on the student’s desk. The student denied the marijuana was his, and claimed it belonged to a friend who he had allowed to smoke marijuana in his room the night before. The 2.70 grams of marijuana were detained, and the student was referred to Student Conduct.

April 21 Drug Use (Osprey Cove): At approximately 10:00 p. m., two UPD officers made contact with four male students in room V206 in the Osprey Cove after they smelled burning marijuana coming from the room. As the officers were approaching the room, two students were leaving and told officers more people were inside. The officers met with the resident of the room, who gave them permission to enter. The smell of marijuana became stronger when the officers entered the room, and a bong and metal grinder were sitting on the student’s desk in plain view. The officers asked if there were any other illegal items in the room and the resident pulled out a water bottle with 2.90 grams of seeds and stems inside. The officer asked if there was anything else illegal in the room and the resident said no. The officers received permission to search the room further and found 6.70 grams of marijuana in the same desk that the seeds and stems were hidden in. The officer asked once again if there were any other illegal items in the room and the student pulled out another bong from underneath the sink. The four students were referred to Student Conduct and the room’s resident received a Notice to Appear in court.

April 21 Auto Theft (Lot 11): A student reported to UPD her vehicle, a 2005 gold Honda Accord, was missing from the spot she had it. She said she conducted a search across campus, but she did not find her car. The car has a UNF sorority sticker on the lower right corner of the rear window and a yellow UNF parking decal on the lower left corner. A police search resulted in a witness saying she heard a car alarm go off at around 1:00 a.m. Police have filed a stolen vehicle report, but patrol efforts have been suspended.

April 22 Stolen Property (Osprey Crossings): A UPD officer was dispatched to room S228 of the Osprey Crossings in response to a report of stolen property. The room’s resident told the officer his PlayStation 3 controller had been missing for two days. The resident accused another student of taking the controller when he was last in the resident’s room. The student did not want to continue an investigation and denied prosecuting the suspect. Police efforts have been suspended.

April 23 Harassment (Osprey Crossings): A UPD officer was dispatched to room S228 of the Osprey Crossings after the room’s resident reported harassment from another student. The resident told the officer the student was sending him threatening text messages, while accusing the resident of stealing his headphones. After inspecting the messages that were on the resident’s phone, the officer concluded that none of the messages possessed a threatening nature. The officer told the resident to block the number and to report any other contact with the student. Police efforts have been suspended.

April 23 Stolen Parking Decal (Garage 44): An officer met with a student who said her parking decal was stolen while her car was parked on the third floor of the Fine Arts Center garage. She said she noticed a parking ticket on her car when she was returning it. The citation was for not having a parking pass. The student then looked at the back of her car and noticed her pass was missing. The officer took down the student’s decal number and called parking services.

April 24 Injured Person (Building 43): A UPD officer responded to the University Center in response to an injured person. The officer met with the man, who said he was walking down the sidewalk along Alumni Drive near the city bus stop. The man said he tripped on a raised piece of sidewalk. The man said he was a cancer patient, and he noticed a protrusion in his chest in an area affected by chemotherapy treatments. He also hit his chin when he fell, and he broke his prescription glasses. The man told the officer he would call his doctor and did not need a ride home. He then walked home.

April 24 (Building 43): A UPD officer was driving behind a car on Alumni Drive, and began to smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. The car suddenly jerked to the right while beginning to make a left turn, which almost caused a collision with the officer. The officer turned on his emergency lights and performed a traffic stop of the vehicle. The driver said there was a burnt joint in the car, and the officer found two in the vehicle. There were five people in the car, and all of them were students. The students were told they would be reported to student conduct and the joints were taken as evidence.

April 25 Drug Use (Lot 100): A UPD officer was dispatched to Lot 100 in response to a complaint about drug use on the nature trails. The suspect was already talking to another UPD officer. The suspect gave consent for a search and the officer found a metal tin, grinder, pipe, and bottle of beer. The property was taken to the JSO property room and the alcohol was disposed of.

April 25 Theft (Osprey Cove): A UPD officer arrived at room V214 of the Osprey Cove in response a claim of theft. The resident said he left his mini fridge outside his dorm room for approximately 30 minutes the day before. Upon returning to his dorm, the resident noticed the fridge was missing. He was unable to provide a model or serial number. The student RA said she noticed a strange male in his late 30’s or 40’s around Building V during the afternoon, who asked her if she knew of anyone with a refrigerator for sale. The RA said she thought the man might have been the parent of a student. The student was given a case card and patrol efforts have been suspended.

April 25 Theft (Osprey Fountains): A UPD officer arrived at the Ozzie’s in the Osprey Fountains Dorms in response to theft from the convenience store. An Ozzie’s employee met with the officer and told him four students came into the store. She said one student put two items in his pants pocket. She followed him out of the store and outside the Fountains to the pool area, where he discarded the items into the trashcan. One of the students who came in with the subject stayed in the store. When the employee returned, she told him to stay and wait for a police officer, but he left. UPD followed up the case with more patrol efforts in the area.

April 26 Drug Use (Osprey Landing): A UPD officer was on patrol around 1:00 a.m. when he noticed three students entering the wooden trails across from the Landing. He made contact with those students because the trails close after sunset. He noticed the smell of burnt marijuana after contacting the students. One of the students gave him a glass pipe and consented to a pat down. The officer did not find any other illegal items. The officer referred the suspect to student conduct and the pipe was taken to the JSO property room.

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