Police Beat August 30

Carter Roush

Logo-policebeat5August 27 Theft (Student Wellness Center): While exercising at the Student Wellness Center, a backpack and several items were stolen out of a student’s locker in the men’s changing room. The student came back from his work out to find that his locker door, as well as several other locker doors surrounding his, was open and the contents inside missing. The student notified UPD about the incident, who then conducted a search with no results.

August 28 Criminal Mischief (Lot 18): A student learned the hard way on August 28th how personal parking frustrations can get at UNF when his sister double parked his gray Honda Civic was in Lot 18  after dropping him off at class. When the student returned to his vehicle, he found that someone had written “you’re a fucking ASS HOLE” on the left side of his car in window chalk. There were also deep scratches within the letters. The student notified UPD about the damage and a search was conducted but with no results or finger prints.

August 28 Theft (Building 16): UPD responded to a call from a UNF student on August 28 after the student’s Sector 9 longboard was stolen at Building 16. Since there were no witnesses around during the time of the incident, the police have suspended the investigation.

August 28 Theft (Student Wellness Center): On August 28, a student’s pair of $200 blue Nike Air Max and a $30 set of Apple earphones were stolen out of a locker at the Student Wellness Center. The student told the responding officer on August 29 that the locker was locked, but there were no signs of forced entry found.