Police Beat Sep. 9

Lydia Moneir


Compiled by Joseph S. R. Cook

Sept. 1 – Information Report: Videotaping Without Consent (Osprey Crossings)

A UPD Officer was dispatched to an investigation at the Osprey Fountains. He spoke to the Residence Life Coordinator, who said she was shown a short video of students engaging in possible sexual activity. She was able to determine that the video originated from a cellphone owned by a certain student. Unaware if the video was consensual or unauthorized, she contacted UPD. The Officer spoke to two students who witnessed the event. The first student said she opened her window to get some fresh air, and observed two students on the third floor engaging in possible sexual activity, with their blinds open and the scene in full view. She then knocked on the second witness’ door (also a student) and pointed out the scene through his back window. The second student took a short video of the scene. Both students watched and discussed the activity for a short period of time, before separating.  When the officer spoke to the second subject, he no longer had any such video on his cellphone. The identity of the persons who were videotaped is unknown. The student who took the video was referred to Student Conduct.

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