Police Beat Sept. 24

Joseph Cook

Logo-policebeat5Sept. 21 – Burglary (Lot 55)

Three vehicles were burglarized in Lot 55 between Sept. 19 and Sept. 21. None of the vehicles were forcibly entered, and fingerprints were not taken due to time lapse, inclement weather, and usage of the vehicles.

The first victim parked the night of Sept. 20 and discovered the burglary the next day. She reported the theft of, among other things, $65 worth of CDs, four Twilight novels, a purse and a wallet.

The second victim parked the night of Sept. 20 as well. She reported the theft of a phone charger, notebook, auxiliary cord and a work hat from their car.

The third victim parked the night of Sept. 19 and discovered the burglary the night of Sept. 21. She reported that a draw string bag and $10 cash were stolen.

All three cars had been left unlocked.

Sept. 21 – Burglary (Lot 55)

An officer met with a complainant whose car was burglarized in the Osprey Fountains parking lot. The complainant said his car was locked but his rear window was open and unsecured and he discovered an iPod cable and $5 in cash missing from his dashboard the morning after he parked.

Sept. 21 – Sick Person (Kernan Blvd)

Shortly after 9:00 p.m., an Officer reported to the turning lane on Kernan Blvd that leads to Osprey Ridge road. A vehicle was parked in the turning lane with its engines and lights off. A witness had been following the vehicle and noticed its erratic behavior.

The driver of the parked car was unresponsive but appeared to be conscious. There was no odor of alcoholic beverages or any sign of drug use. The officer concluded that the driver was suffering from some type of medical emergency.

Engine 150 and Rescue 50 arrived and transported the unresponsive man to the Mayo Medical Center. The vehicle was towed and impounded, and its owner was notified.

Sept. 22 – Information (Osprey Village)

A UPD officer was dispatched to the Osprey Villages in reference to a dispute. The complainant stated that an individual came to the door, and asked if the complainant’s roommate was present. When told that the roommate was not present, the suspect attempted to enter the room, but stopped short when told, once more, that the roommate was not present. The suspect then stated that the roommate’s girlfriend was seeing him as well, and attempted to show the complainant text messages to prove his point. The complainant was uninterested, and the encounter ended without incident.

The complainant alerted police, because he was afraid that the individual had a need for drama and may confront his roommate. When asked if any previous incidents had occurred, the complainant remembered that his roommate’s girlfriend had told him that the suspect had been stalking her. However, he said he was not sure if her claims were truthful, in light of the individual’s claims of her cheating on his roommate.

The officer attempted to contact the individual and the roommate’s girlfriend, but was unsuccessful.

Sept. 20 – Burglary (Lot 10)

A skateboard, worth about $250, was reported stolen from the backseat of a student’s car. The car showed no signs of forced entry. The officer who reported to the scene did not look for fingerprints due to the lapse in time, the car being moved, and inclement weather.