Police Beat: Fire extinguisher discharged in classroom, more flying chairs and a student caught with weed in car

Patrick Lloyd

Photo by Camille Shaw
Photo by Camille Shaw

The following information is according to reports from the UNF Police Department.

Fire extinguisher discharged in classroom

A faculty member told UNFPD a fire extinguisher had been sprayed throughout a classroom in Building 14A.

On March 3, the complainant said his employees went to room 1314 and found that the extinguisher had been used throughout the classroom.

A Physical Facilities worker told UNFPD it would cost about $67 to recharge the extinguisher. Another Physical Facilities employee told an officer it would cost $114.98 for her staff to clean the mess.

There were no witnesses to the incident, and patrol efforts have been suspended.

More flying chairs

A Physical Facilities employee found three broken metal patio chairs near Chick-Fil-A.

On March 2, an officer went to the scene and noticed the chairs appeared to have been thrown from the second story of Buildings 8 & 9.

The employee’s supervisor said each chair was valued at about $175.

The case has been suspended, and there will be no further investigation.

This is the second report of damaged chairs this week, as a similar incident occurred Sunday morning.

Student caught with weed in car (what’s new?)

A student was caught with marijuana and paraphernalia in the driver’s car March 3 around 12:05 a.m.

The UNFPD officer pulled the car over because it didn’t have a tag attached in the designated area.

When the officer approached the car, he smelled burning marijuana. He asked the suspect about the smell, and he said he had two grams of marijuana in the car, but it wasn’t his. The suspect then pulled out a plastic bag with marijuana from under the steering wheel.

The officer told the suspect to get out of the car. The officer searched the vehicle and found a used marijuana roach in the rear driver side passenger door tray. He also found a clear glass jar with marijuana residue, a pipe with marijuana, a digital scale with marijuana residue and two plastic baggies with marijuana residue inside a book bag in the vehicle’s trunk.

The student said the marijuana and the items were his. He said he smokes occasionally when he feels stressed.

The driver also had a passenger in the front seat. The officer asked the passenger about the marijuana and paraphernalia. He said none of it was his.

The suspect was issued a Notice To Appear for less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was also issued a Uniform Traffic Citation for improper display of a vehicle tag.
The officer recommended both the suspect and the passenger be sent to Student Conduct.

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