Male student threatened by female student’s father

Patrick Lloyd

Photo by Camille Shaw
Photo by Camille Shaw

A UNF student contacted UNFPD after receiving a threatening phone call from a suspect that was later revealed to be the father of a girl the student had sex with.

On April 21 around 8:45 p.m., two officers met with the student at the Crossings. The victim said he received a phone call around 7:20 p.m., and the call made him worried for his safety.

At the time of the initial call, the victim couldn’t answer it. He called the unknown number back, and the man on the phone said the victim needed to “watch his back.” He also reportedly said, “I’m your worst f—— nightmare. I’m coming for you, and you need to watch your six. Have you ever had a nightmare? Because that is me, buddy!”

The victim said he was accused of rape back in January, but he claimed it was consensual. He said at the time, he received threats that the father of the potential rape victim was going to physically harm him.

The officers found out that the number the suspect used to call the victim belonged to the father of the girl who alleged the victim had raped her.

One of the officers called the father. At first he didn’t answer, but he later called back. The suspect said he met with several UNF officials to discuss a pending rape investigation where his daughter is the victim.

The suspect said he searched his daughter’s cell phone for numbers called from around the time she initially said she was raped. After calling a few numbers, he received a call back from one number, which was the number of the victim.

The suspect said he told the victim, “I am your worst nightmare… because the police are about to arrest you.”

A Residence Life Coordinator offered the victim a “safe place,” since he was in fear for his safety, but he declined.

The case has not been cleared. There will be a patrol follow-up.

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