UNFPD’s uniforms and cars are getting a new look


Photo by Tiffany Butler

Tiffany Butler

The University Police Department (UPD) will begin transitioning into the use of new vehicles and uniforms starting Wednesday, Jan. 27.

Chief Frank Mackesy said, “The old police cars were pretty much worn out.”

They chose to purchase five newly designed, police-specific Ford Explorers. The new SUVs have better storage and safety features such as more room for police gear and passengers, more visible lights, and updated push bumpers.

Four of these vehicles were purchased as a one time, non-recurring expense out of UPD’s general budget and will be in service no later than Jan. 28. The fifth is being funded by a grant from the Firehouse Subs Foundation and will arrive in a few months.

The new uniforms are a pull-over polo shirt and pants with extra pockets to hold all of their equipment. The Polo still has police patches on the sleeves and their names and rank embroidered onto them.

Mackesy said, “There’s no confusing that they are police officers… it’s just it’s more comfortable than the Class A uniforms that you’re used to seeing.”

This purchase came out of UPD’s uniform account in their police budget.

None of these changes will come at an additional cost to the students.

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