People of UNF: Living a College Experience

Brittany Moore

People of UNF is a chronicle of students, faculty, university staff and visitors. Here’s a closer look at those we see walking by us everyday, those we overlook and those we sometimes wish we knew better.

Photos and interviews conducted by Brittany Moore

Joshua Ferguson
Joshua Ferguson, American Sign Language Freshman

“I’m excited about like everything right now. I love being at UNF. And I love my job, but I’m struggling with trying to keep my grades up.”

Brandon Geiger-1
Brandon Geiger, International Relations Freshman

“I’m thinking about studying in France and learning the language in a more proficient way.”

IMG_0196 (1)
Alexa Stauffer, Biomedical Junior

“I’ve definitely been struggling with my classes the past few semesters. It’s definitely gotten harder.”

Joseph Lusi
Joseph Lusi, English Junior

“I’m really anxious about graduating. It seems like not a lot of people talk about what to do and exactly how to move on past undergrad. So it’s the source of a lot of crazy feelings.

Madison Peacock
Madison Peacock, Biomedical Junior

“I’m not as mean as I can come across. Sometimes I come across as being sarcastic or something but really on the inside I’m the sweetest person. Usually, I’m very busy. So, it’s one of those, ‘I need you to get to the point and move on.’”



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