2016 Presidential Candidates: An Overview

Tiffany Butler

With the national election fast approaching, Spinnaker is working hard to equip UNF students with the knowledge they need to get out and vote.

We’re starting with an overview of who’s running, and we’ll be providing everything from information on where and how to vote to debate coverage and breaking downs of individual candidate’s policies as we get closer to election day.

The Candidates

Hillary Clinton: Democratic nominee, former U.S. Secretary of State, U.S. Senate, former first lady

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
Graphics by Mariana Martins

Fun fact: Wellesley is an all girl’s school. Yale is where she met Bill.

Hometown: Park Ridge, IL

Education: Wellesley College, Yale Law School


  • U.S. Secretary of State
  • First female U.S. senator from NY
  • First Lady
  • Children’s rights advocate and practicing lawyer


Donald Trump: Republican nominee, business mogul, reality star

Presidential candidate Donald Trump.
Graphics by Mariana Martins

Fun Fact: He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

Hometown: New York, NY

Education: Fordham University, Wharton School of Finance


  • Trump organization chairman and president
  • Best-selling author
  • Real estate empire


Gary Johnson: Libertarian nominee, businessman, SAE Alumni, accomplished athlete

Presidential candidate Gary Johnson.
Graphics by Mariana Martins

Fun fact: Gary Johnson summited Mt. Everest in 2003.

Hometown: Minot, ND

Education: University of New Mexico


  • Governor of New Mexico
  • Founder of Big J Enterprises, a NM construction company
  • Libertarian nominee in 2012 presidential election


Jill Stein: Green Party nominee, Mother, Physician, Environmental-health advocate

Presidential candidate Jill Stein.
Graphics by Mariana Martins

Fun fact: Was the lead singer of Somebody’s Sister, a 1990s folk-rock band.

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Education: Harvard University, Harvard Medical School


  • Physician
  • Instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School
  • Co-Founder of Mass. Coalition for Healthy Communities
  • Environmental research and activism


  • Create jobs by transitioning to renewable energy
  • Abolish student debt
  • Raise minimum wage to $15
  • Focus on human and environmental rights


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