Making Tutus for a Cause: Breast Fest ’17

Valeree Del Guidice

Photo by Valeree Del Guidice

The UNF chapter of the Student Nurses Association put together a Tutu Decorating Social for the SNA where participants got to show off their creative side. The social is a part of their Breast Fest ‘17 week.

“We started with our Breast Fest kickoff. That’s what we’re calling the entire week…we have our Tutu Decorating Social, and like I said, it’s to engage our members [to] participate for the walk. And kinda like hype it up and stuff like that,” Mae Guerra, SNA’s president said.

The social was meant to bring awareness and raise funds for breast cancer as October is breast cancer awareness month. This is not the first time the SNA has held an awareness week for breast cancer during October.

They have been doing it for about 10 years, sometimes partnering with other organizations including the Donna Foundation, the Susan G. Komen Organization, and the American Cancer Society, who has been their partner for the past two years.

The club will be at Market Day this Wednesday Oct. 18 and that it was their main event of our week. They will have a Pie in the Face game, where the “nursing students would pie their professors in the face for a small donation.”

The SNA will also have ‘bra’ pong, an adapted form of beer pong where, instead of red solo cups, there are bra cups to land the ball in. Guarra said they “planned to do prizes” but you have to come out to see what they are.

The end of Breast Fest ‘17 is an American Cancer Society walk on Saturday, Oct. 20. The walk begins at 9 a.m. with registration beginning at 7:30 a.m. Pre-registration is available online by searching for American Cancer Society Making Strides Jacksonville and registering under the UNF Student Nurses Association.

All funds they raise during the week goes to the American Cancer Society.


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