SDS reacts to Nazi student photo


Ken Parker was suspended from UNF after posting this photo on social media.

Alexandra Torres-Perez

UNF student and former KKK Grand Dragon Ken Parker posted a photo of himself holding a rifle in the comments of a Spinnaker Facebook story. Accompanying the photo was this comment from Parker: “Let SDS and the other clowns come at me, I will shut them down. F*** the BLM BS!!! I am WHITE and PROUD, and these queer balls have yet to confront me on campus.”

President Delaney sent out an official response to assure students the campus was safe. Later that day, Parker was suspended by the university.

Spinnaker reached out to UNF Students for a Democratic Society for their reactions.

“I was terrified,” President of the UNF Students for a Democratic Society President Monique Williamson said. “I couldn’t believe that this guy had this French assault rifle and was threatening to shoot members of my organization.”

Ryan McClure, SDS’s student organizer, said he thinks Parker’s actions are a result of a lack of action from Delaney and the administration in the previous racist video incident.

“It (Parker’s Facebook comment) was a direct threat,” McClure said. “We take it seriously, and we hope the administration and Delaney take it seriously.”

In an interview with Spinnaker Tuesday, Parker said he posted the picture to prove he is capable of self defense, not to threaten anyone.

“Me sharing a picture of me with a firearm from the privacy of my own home was not implying a threat whatsoever,” Parker said.

Parker is not allowed on campus without police escort. He requested an appeal for the suspension with a hearing set for Monday.

“I kind of feel safe on campus especially since he has been suspended,” Williamson said. “If he does come back on campus, like I’m out of here. I definitely won’t be here whatsoever.”

SDS will be releasing an official statement after the conduct hearing according to McClure.


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