UNF spends under $1000 for extra security at anti-Nazi rally

Alexandra Torres-Perez

$500,000that’s how much the University of Florida paid during the Richard Spencer protests. On the other hand, UNF paid less than $1,000 for extra security during the white supremacist and No Nazis at the UNF rally today.

According to UPD Chief Frank Mackesy, there were four additional UPD officers as well as 50 JSO officers on campus. The university did not have to pay the JSO officers since today was considered a training day for them, but they did have to pay overtime for the four UNFPD officers.

Ken Parker was escorted by police into Alumni Hall, but protesters were not allowed to enter the building.The officers kept both rallies across the street from each other and made sure protesters on both ends did not cross the street to interact. However, this did not stop both rallies from shouting at each other from across the street.

There were around 100 anti-Nazis protesters versus a mere four white supremacists.

Thankfully, the extra police officers allowed both rallies to coincide peacefully.


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