SG validates election in emergency senate meeting

Hannah Lee

Before Student Government goes on Spring Break, an emergency Senate meeting was called in order on March 17 to validate the spring election results.

Before new business could be discussed, Sheriff Mike Williams from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office addressed the Senate talking about how important it is to have a relationship with the police department and with your community.

After William’s answered questions from senators, SG Treasurer Christopher Jordan addressed senators with a concern regarding the Lend-A-Wing renovations. The construction costs went over the designated amount. Senate budget $45,000 however, they needed more than $20,437 for construction costs. Although there were leftover costs from Shelving Units and Freezer/Fridge Boxes, meaning that $12,295 will be moved to help alleviate the cost, this means that SG will only have to find $8,142 to go towards the construction costs.

Jordan plans on using leftover funds from the Jaguar Tickets and other unused budgeted money to help alleviate the construction costs.

The Lend-A-Wing Pantry will officially open Monday, March 26.

After these concerns, the elections results were officially announced. Since there were no judicial complaints after the announcement of the elections, Senate was able to validate the elections quite quickly. Jenna DuPilka and Maria Bermudez were officially announced as the next President and Vice President. They will be installed in Senate on March 30.

]Hannah Lee
George Faklis was appointed as senator.

The last business Senate had to tend to was the appointment of a new senator. George Faklis was appointed for a senator seat. Faklis served as a fall 2017 senator, but he also is the current Budget and Allocations Committee Chairman. He will be serving as fall 2018 senator.