Analyzing Desiigner’s lyrics

Pierce Turner, Features Editor

Following OP’s announcement that Desiigner will perform at Oz Fest this year, we thought we’d take a moment to analyze some of his lyrics.

“When I say certain things in my rhymes, they’re like general statements I like to say.” -Desiigner


The 20-year-old artist’s most popular song “Tiimmy Turner” opens with these lyrics:

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Grrrraaah. Git, git, git, git.”

Following that, we are introduced to Desiigner’s presumedly self-proclaimed nickname, Vader. What does he have in common with the Dark Lord of the Galactic Empire?

“Tiimmy, Tiimmy, Tiimmy Turner. He was wishin’ for a burner.” 0:11

Tiimmy Turner, not to be confused with Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents because they are clearly spelled differently. He’s wishing for a burner. The dictionary definition of a burner is as follows: “a person or thing that burns.”


“F*** b**** on BET. Have her walkin’, she f***in’ for BET. Wildin’ for wallet. Kill everybody walkin’. He knows that his soul in the furnace.” 0:37

After digressing about a b**** of BET, he repeats his desires for someone to burn everyone alive because he knows he’s already in the furnace (hell?).

“Beluga beluga beluga.” 1:01

At this point in the song, Desiigner attempts to communicate with whales. According to the “Behind the Lyrics” feature on Spotify, Desiigner himself said, “When I say beluga, I’m talking about something big–the whale if you wanna think about it.”

According to, “Beluga whales are among the smallest species of whales.”

“Banana clips is going through ya.” 1:09

Googling banana clips brings up two results: the hair clips and the gun magazines. One could assume he is talking about the magazines, but you can never be too sure with lyrics. We choose to keep an open mind.

Before heading into his final hook, Desiigner takes one last verse to tell us how he really feels.

Banana Clips. Walmart.

“Young n**** move and he kill with confirma. You get hit, n****, left with earner. Choppa move, n****, both want it. You get hit down in both summers. I got n**** rollin’ dat would be dead with it. Choppa move, n****, roll him with it. You choke down, roll, load and get
Hit a n**** up, reload the semi. Gotta flow over demon.”

It’s a lot to unpack, we know, but here’s what we gathered. Desiigner is trying to get a Summer job as a sushi chef. He’s wants to get confirmation from the restaurant because he knows that without money earned from a job, he would be dead. He will chop up sushi, making his specialty Demon Rolls, a lightly fried spicy tuna roll.


Desiigner is scheduled to perform at Oz Fest April 13. DRAM was also announced as a performer.

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