A look into infusing water with the Wellness Dietitians

Sam Chaney

We all have #ClearSkinGoals, but let’s be honest… when it comes to hydration, plain water is boring, green tea is mostly an acquired taste, and sometimes sugar-abundant coffee in the morning is just too tempting.

On Wednesday, March 28, the wellness dietitians at the Student Wellness Complex teamed up with the Ogier Gardens in order to offer a sweet, easy and healthy alternative to students: a fruit infused water station.

Students who dropped by could try samples of water infused with flavors like pineapple lime mint, rosemary kumquat, or watermelon basil. Flyers were also being handed out with infusion recipes to try at home, as well as information on athletic performance hydration.

According to UNF Wellness Dietitian Kelly Schooley, making your own infused water at home is easy; you only have to add some chopped fruits or vegetables in a water bottle or pitcher and let it soak in the fridge.

Your water can be left in the fridge anywhere from overnight to several days depending on what you’re trying to infuse the water with and how strong you want the flavor to be.

“We’re just trying to find more ways to stay hydrated,“ said Schooley. ”A lot of people have a hard time drinking enough water throughout the day, so they can infuse water with any fruit or veggie they enjoy. If you have leftover ingredients from something you made, that’s easy to just throw in overnight.”

Sam Chaney
The Department of Recreation and Wellness gave out free samples of infused water at the Wellness Center.

Infused water isn’t just good for the flavor, but antioxidants from the fruits and vegetables you add will also get infused into the water, giving you a slight vitamin boost while you take sips throughout the day.

Particularly when you’re exercising, remember to always begin your day well hydrated and to keep drinking water throughout any physical activity, particularly if you’re sweating a lot, according to Schooley.

If you have any more questions or are interested in individual nutrition counseling, you can call Nutrition Services at (904) 620-5223.