Police Beat: Removed posters, a stolen wallet and missing money


Graphic by Rachelle Keller

Sam Chaney

Don’t Remove My Post(ers)

UNFPD was dispatched to Bldg. 10 on March 28 in response to a report of missing posters.

According to the police report, the complainant had placed four posters up around Bldg. 10 and believes that an unknown suspect has removed them.

The report describes the four posters as 11×17 with a white backdrop. The posters reportedly advertised the John C. Maraldo Lecture Series in Comparative Philosophy and Religion. They were placed as follows:

One on a notice board near room 2353.

One on the outside exit doors leading to Bldg. 12.

One on the outside of the window for room 2451.

One on a notice board near room 2220.

The complainant said that she had put the posters up around 11 a.m. on March 26 and noticed them missing around 11 a.m. when she returned on March 27.

The police report states that she had not placed any other posters up around campus, but had received ten more posters to put up in place of the ones that were removed.

No other posters were reported missing.

Officials had searched the immediate area and trash bins but did not find posters or further evidence.

The information report has been closed.


Stolen Wallet #1

UNFPD officials met with a student at the University Police Station on March 30 in response to a report of a stolen wallet.

According to the student, the last time he saw his wallet was on March 28 in the Thomas G. Carpenter Library. The student was reportedly studying on the second floor when he forgot his wallet on the table and left to get food.

The police report states that the student did not realize he left his wallet behind, and when he returned to retrieve it he was unable to locate it. The library’s lost and found was reportedly not in possession of the wallet.

The student told officials that he notified his bank but no unusual transactions were reported.

The report describes the wallet as brown in color and containing the complainant’s driver’s license, Top Golf card, Vystar debit card and vehicle insurance card.

The information report has been closed.


Better Have My Money

A different student met with officials at the University Police Station on April 3 in order to pick up his wallet, which had been found at the Thomas G. Carpenter Library.

According to the police report, the student had been on the second floor of the library on April 1 when he set his wallet down on the tables near to the restrooms. He then reportedly forgot his wallet and left the library.

The report states that library staff turned in the wallet to UNFPD along with several other articles on April 2, but the identities of those who turned in the items are unknown.

Upon returning retrieving his wallet from officials, the student reportedly noticed that $100 was missing from inside.

There is no other information regarding this incident.

Patrol efforts have been suspended.

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