Lawson leading over Brown in UNF Poll; Gillum favorable in Congressional District 5

Hannah Lee, Editor-in-Chief

Democratic voters from Florida’s Congressional District 5 are more likely to vote for Al Lawson over former Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown for Florida’s 5th Congressional District of the U.S. House of Representatives, according to the UNF Public Opinion Research Laboratory. The PORL has released results from a three-day survey from voters in Congressional District 5 dating from Friday, Aug. 17 through Sunday, Aug. 19. The survey had 402 responses total.

Out of 375 Democrats from District 5, 48 percent would vote for Lawson while 29 percent of Democrats show that they would vote for Brown. 22 percent said that they are currently undecided.

“Roughly half of Congressional District 5 voters are in Duval County, and even though Brown is ahead by 18 percentage points in Duval, that isn’t nearly enough. Lawson is ahead by nearly 60 percentage points in the counties west of Duval,” said Michael Binder, UNF PORL faculty director and associate professor of political science.

The survey also asked voters from Congressional District 5 who they would vote for Governor in the Democratic primary election. 31 percent said that they would vote for Andrew Gillum. 37 percent of people voting for Lawson said that would vote for Gillum and 32 percent voting for Brown would also vote for Gillum.

PORL Result shows that Andrew Gillum is leading for Governor for the Democratic Primary Election.

Another result from the survey showed that only 10 percent of survey-takers have already voted in the primary election. 82 percent said that they will definitely vote in the primary election and 8 percent said that they will probably vote.

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