Student Government: Passing big bills and confirming new members

Jessica May, Police Reporter

Student Government passed large bills Friday, Sept. 7 in the Senate Chambers to improve Thomas G. Carpenter wifi and improve safety issues in the Student Union.

Members of Senate took a vote on the $195,421 billto improve the wifi in the Thomas G. Carpenter Library wifi. The bill was passed with 14 senators in the meeting.

This improvement will include doubling the coverage and speed for wireless internet for students in the library, according to Director Jeff Defee.

“The wire and the wireless are competing with each other and it’s not dedicated,” Jeff Defee said. “Under the new wireless system, 20 gigabytes per second will be dedicated to the wireless side alone.”  This will not only increase connection but speed as well.

Lisandra Carmichael, interim dean and associate dean of the library, stated 759,168 people visited the library in 2017. The common denominator of all these people is the need for reliable internet.

Student Body President Jenna DuPilka suggested to the senate that the wifi improvement will indirectly improve graduation rates, student retention rates, and decrease student excess hours.

The John A. Delany Student Union is facing some safety and cosmetic concerns. The new bill, costing a total of $140,422.78 will help install handrails to stairs, replace the ballroom carpet, add new digital signage, add airwalls and new fire safety doors.

These improvements primarily are focused on creating a safer student union.

“I will vote yes on this bill mainly for the security and safety of our students,” said Senator Anthony Hall.

Another course of action for this meeting including confirming students who were seeking legislative seat appointments. All those who were appointed were confirmed.

Sitting Senator Patrick Healy is seeking appointment to Senate because his elected term as senator ends in the spring semester. Healy was elected to a one year term as Government Oversight Chair in the fall, therefore he needs this appointment to continue as the chair through the fall term.

Five other students were looking for appointment in Senate.

SG also appointed an associate justice into office, Dee Parker. Parker is a freshman who is majoring in nursing on the pre-med track. Parker claims her experience in medicine will help her remain unbiased. DuPilka advised the legislative to appoint Parker into office saying that she is a very tenacious woman and mentioned that during her interview, she can express her own opinion even when it’s not the popular one.

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