Police Beat: A variety of stolen items and a marijuana arrest

Jessica May

Graphic by Rachelle Keller

Bid-day mishap

UNFPD was dispatched to the Osprey Flats on Sept. 4 in response to a report of a theft.

The victim told officials she was attending a sorority event on Sept. 3 on the Green of the UNF Amphitheater when she placed her purse on the sidewalk. She reportedly did not realize her wallet was missing until later on that night. The victim attempted to look for her wallet but was unsuccessful, according to the police report.

Earlier that evening, a wallet was returned to the Help Desk at the Osprey Fountains. The officer located the victim and returned the wallet to her, but she stated in the report that, “She was missing money but at that time did not want to report the money missing. After a while thinking about the money missing, she decided to have a report completed.”

Patrol efforts have been suspended due to lack of witness information.

Real uncool

An unlocked and unattended Real Skateboard was stolen off the skateboard rack Sept. 8, according to a UNFPD police report.

A student reportedly left his skateboard on the skateboard rack outside of Bldg. 16 so he could go into the cafe to eat. About 30 minutes later, the student left the cafe and discovered his skateboard missing, according to the UNFPD report.

The report describes the skateboard as a Real brand skateboard about eight inches wide and 31 inches long. The skateboard has black deck tape on the top and is orange on the bottom. The wheels are orange and there is a large 1-2 inch chip missing from the skateboard.

Patrol efforts have been suspended.

In plain sight

A student was arrested after UNFPD discovered 27.5 grams of marijuana in her dorm room.

After a Resident Assistant conducted a health and welfare check on the resident, the report says they discovered marijuana on the desk of the resident.

Officers then dispatched to the Osprey Landing on Sept. 10 in reference to drugs, according to the police report. There, police met with the room’s resident and were given permission to enter.

Upon entering, the officer smelled the odor of burnt marijuana and reported, “I observed in plain sight marijuana leaves on the desktop.”The report also states that, on the desk, there was a bag containing a lot of marijuana.

Police also reported finding drug paraphernalia and small baggies containing small amounts of marijuana.

After weighing all the marijuana, the total reportedly came out to 27.5 grams. The resident was arrested and transported to the Pre-Trial Detention Facility, according to the police report.

Call me, beep me, you can’t reach me

Police were dispatched to Bldg. 39A in reference to a stolen cell phone on Sept. 12.

The victim, a UNF staff member, told officials that she placed her cell phone on her desk in her office. She reportedly stepped out of the office for about 10 minutes and, when she returned, she noticed her cell phone missing from her desk.

The victim said she thought students were playing a prank, but when she asked students about the phone no one admitted to taking it.

The victim tracked her phone through GPS and reportedly found it being taken to the Downtown Jacksonville area.

The officer and the victim reportedly watched the phone on the GPS tracker. The report states, “the undetermined suspect and phone were pinged to be at the JTA bus terminal at 300 West Union Street. I attempted to have a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office deputy respond to that location, however, there was a delay in dispatch and the phone was pinged several minutes later at another bus stop on 44th Street West. The phone stopped registering its location with its last ping being near 5290 Norwood Ave.”

The victim called her cell-phone provider and reported the device stolen.

Patrol efforts have been suspended.

Forgotten and stolen

UNFPD officials met with a student at the UNF Police Department on Sept. 13, as the student sought to report his stolen skateboard.

The student rode his skateboard to his car all the way to Lot 18 on Sept. 12 and, according to the police report, mistakenly forgot to load his skateboard into his truck.

The report says, “The victim realized about 20 minutes later that his skateboard was left in the campus parking lot.”

The victim came back and the skateboard was nowhere to be found.

Video surveillance from Lot 18 revealed grainy footage.

“An undetermined suspect, possibly female, observed the skateboard on the ground in the lot. The suspect retrieved the skateboard from the ground and left the area, with the victim’s property, as the driver in an undetermined red, four-door vehicle,” report stated.

The skateboard has not been turned into UPD Lost and Found. Patrol efforts have been suspended due to lack of information.

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