UNF Senate approves Spring concert budget increase

Alan Vargas

Osprey Productions Director Dani Brantley is on a mission.

Her goal is to boost attendance of the annual UNF Spring concert. In the last two years, approximately 3,000 students have attended Oz Music Fest, but Brantley wants to attract more than 5,000 students to this year’s concert.

“It’s not crazy. We saw more than 5,000 people come to Steve Aoki and more than 6,000 to see Big Sean,” Brantley told the Senators on Friday.

To achieve this level of attendance, Brantley requested $15,000 from Student Government to bring OP’s $200,000 concert budget. This amount would be enough to bring a big name headliner to kick off the event and have enough to bring in a sizeable opener to attract students. Depending on how much the first two acts cost, OP might be able to bring in some local talent to round out the show.

OP has about $200,000 per year to spend on concerts. The August Bluelight Bash cost approximately $50,000 and OP was reimbursed $30,000 so this request will replenish the deficit. Director Brantley also shared her plans to make OP self-sufficient going forward.

“We plan to charge $5 for student tickets so we don’t need to make this request in future years. There will be plenty of opportunities for students to receive free tickets through raffles and other events on campus,” Brantley explained.

The plan to charge for tickets is based on research. According to the Harvard Business Review, “People are more likely to consume a product when they are aware of its cost—when they feel ‘out of pocket.’”

Senate approved the request unanimously.

Senators also heard from the UNF Ceramics Guild who requested $1,500 to bring a visiting artist to hold a lecture and hands-on workshop for UNF students. The request was unanimously approved by the Senate.

Senators also unanimously passed a bill which validated the Fall 2018 Acclamation of Senatorial Candidates. The UNF Student Government Constitution states that “unopposed candidates shall be declared the winner by acclamation and no election for the respective seat shall be held.”

The 16 Senators will be installed during the next Senate meeting on Nov. 16.

Finally, it was announced that the Chairwoman of the University and Student Affairs Committee has resigned.

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