Amendments 6, 10 and 11 pass

Sam Chaney, Jessica May, and Aisling Glocke

Amendment 6: Victim Rights and Judge Retirement Ages

Floridians voted on November 6, 2018 to pass Amendment 6 that will change victims’ rights, raise the current retirement age on Florida judges, and altar the way courts interpret state laws.

The first part of Amendment 6 addresses victims’ rights. This Amendment would elaborate on the constitutional provisions to discuss victims’ rights to due process, freedom from intimidation and abuse, protection from the accused, protections for victims if bail is granted, and protections from disclosing victims’ information.

The second part changes the current retirement age for Florida judges. This would uphold the rule which lets judges finish their term on the bench past the mandatory retirement age if they completed half of their term.

The third and final part will affect how courts interpret state laws. With this Amendment, courts would be forbidden to postpone a state agency’s interpretation of state laws and make the decision independently on if the law was interpreted correctly.


Amendment 10: Veteran’s Affairs

The passing of this amendment requires the legislature to retain the department of veterans’ affairs. This also ensures the election of sheriffs, property appraisers, supervisors of elections, tax collectors and clerks of court; removes county charters’ ability to abolish, change term, transfer duties or eliminate election of these offices.


Amendment 11: Non-Citizens can now property

Currently, Florida’s Constitution currently has language that allows the Legislature to prevent non-citizens from buying, selling, owning or inheriting property. Amendment 11 will delete this language.

The amendment will remove the “Savings Clause” which was added in 1885 and Florida one of only three states that enforces one. This clause forbids making changes to criminal sentencing laws retroactive.

This amendment also deletes the part that would approve a high-speed rail which was voted down in 2004.  

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