Florida Senate race heads to manual recount

Alex Toth, Features Editor

The first recount of over 8 million ballots in the U.S. Senate race between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson has concluded, but there’s still no official winner.

Florida’s secretary of state has now ordered a hand recount in the Senate race, after the initial machine recount gave Rick Scott a slim lead of only .15 percent over Bill Nelson. Florida state law requires a second, manual recount if the gap between candidates is .25 percent or lower.

However, not every single ballot is looked at for the manual recount. Only ballots that didn’t record a vote when passed through the machine recount will be looked at in the hand recount. These ballots are re-examined to determine whether they were incorrectly marked by the voter, or if the voter skipped the Senate race entirely.

The results of the hand recount are due by noon on Sunday. The winner of the race will be made official on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, in the hotly contested race for Governor, Andrew Gillum did not gain enough ground in the machine recount to trigger a second recount, meaning Ron DeSantis is all but confirmed as the next Governor of Florida. However, Gillum still hasn’t conceded the race, believing that the courts could still provide him with a path to victory.

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