The struggle: What am I going to wear to Thanksgiving?

Johnakeshia Thompson

Tweet courtesy of @asher_naledi on Twitter

The holidays are usually a time that friends and family come together to celebrate. Some traditions begin with dinner at a family member’s house and then decorating the Christmas tree or going to look at Christmas lights. However your family celebrates Thanksgiving, you probably want to be fashionable and eye-catching for those family members that you don’t see throughout the year.

Thanksgiving is a time that many people feast on dishes that they wouldn’t year round because of the heavy starches, and it’s important to dress comfortably. But how can you integrate comfort with style?

The key to dressing comfortably is finding clothing that has a stretch or an elastic band in the waist. Wearing pants that aren’t tight and have a stretch will help. It’s a good thing that non-denim pants and jumpsuits with adjustable tie belts are in style right now.

Outfit collage by Johnakeshia Thompson.

Layering clothing with a cardigan and loose fitted shirt will also help with hiding the post-dinner bloating.

The way to stay fashionable this holiday is by staying comfortable and full without looking stuffed in your clothes. Don’t compromise enjoying the holiday for the sake of a fabulous outfit. Build an outfit that will make you feel confident even after three plates of turkey and stuffing.


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