Student Government requests $17,000 to repaint their walls in first committee meetings of Spring

Alex Del Dago, Student Government Reporter

This Friday, Jan. 18 marked the first Student Government committee meetings of the spring semester and it wasn’t slow.

During the Budget and Allocations Committee’s meeting, a special request for $17,282 to repaint the Student Government walls was made from the Executive Branch.

SG Project Manager Kylie Feierstein is requesting this large sum to “improve the overall appearance of the Student Government Offices” and “promote school spirit”, according to the Special Request form.

Feierstein has received no other source of funding and has not fundraised any amount herself in addition to this special request.

According to the estimate provided by C.M. Painting, Inc., the project completion time is 4-5 days and will be applied using industrial brushes/rolls. The painting company did not respond to Spinnaker’s request for comment on why the cost of labor and materials is so expensive.

Part of Feierstein’s presentation to the Budget and Allocation Committee stated that the paint on the third floor hasn’t “been done in 10 years, and the paint is chipped and worn” and therefore, decided it was time to repaint the third floor. Upon further research, the Student Union first and second floors also have not been redone in 10 years, yet those floors were not included in the lofty $17,282 request.

With few questions and no backlash, the bill passed unanimously 7-0 and will be put before the general senate next Friday.

Among basic housekeeping and approval of agendas, the morning started off with the Government Oversight Committee. Ryan See, a student seeking a general senate seat, got approved unanimously 5-0 to get pushed to the Senate floor next week for confirmation. The interview guide for future potential appointments was also revised and updated with more detailed questions on a candidate’s previous experiences and skills.

Following the GO committee was the B&A meeting. Besides the special request from SG, the committee unanimously approved special request funds for Monica Fagundo and Alexa Stauffer to attend a west coast Psychology event to present their research findings on behalf of UNF. The committee also unanimously approved the Bass Fishing Club to attend a regional tournament over multiple dates and represent UNF.

Last to wrap up the day was the University & Student Affairs Committee meeting. Among the student advocate report, new business included Osprey Voice proposals for more parking on campus, more student feedback for concert lineups, and future campus restaurant ideas.

The next general senate meeting will take place Friday, Jan. 25.

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