With new washing machines comes a new way to pay

Aisling Glocke, Managing Editor

Students living in the Fountains have had their fair share of adjustments since winter break. In just the last week of winter break, the washing machines were removed due to a contract disagreement with the provider. Now, the new washing machines are fully installed, but unable to accept payments through Ozzie Bucks. So how can residents pay for their laundry? Senior Director of Housing and Residence Life Bob Boyle says through quarters and a new app called Speed Queen.

“As we’re rolling out the new equipment the only current way to pay to use the machines are quarters or there’s an app.” Boyle stated. “In each laundry room we have it posted and we’ve shared it with residents. The app is called Speed Queen, which is the company that built the equipment, which is a big provider for laundry equipment.”

Boyle told Spinnaker step-by-step just how simple the app is and how students can set up an account.

“So they download this app, they set up a personal account on the app, they connect through the UNF location; there’s like an input code for our school,” Boyle explained. “Then they have the ability to search, if they’re looking for a specific building or a group of buildings. They add a debit or credit card or connect it to their Google Wallet or their Apple Pay Wallet and they can see what machines are in use, they can pick a machine, they can pay for their load, and they can get some functionality where they can see how much is left on there while the load is going or when it’s done. They can also get text updates back to them once things are done too.”

Boyle doesn’t have an exact date as to when Ozzie Bucks will connect to the machines, but he’s hoping it will be done by summer 2019. By then, the Speed Queen app will be able to connect to students’ Ozzie Bucks accounts.

“There’s another university process, through business services, that’s ongoing right now,” said Boyle. “They’re implementing some new software and once that is in then, it’ll be able to come back around and through the same app students will be able to get into their Ozzie Bucks account and connect it very much like they’re connecting their Apple Pay or Wallet.”

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