BREAKING: UPD concludes search and renders area safe

Hannah Lee and Aisling Glocke


*Story was last updated at 8:15 pm*

The UNF Arena Parking Garage has been rendered safe by police.

Vice President of Public Relations Sharon Ashton told Spinnaker that the threat wasn’t credible and everyone was safe.

“All I know is that someone called the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office to say they saw someone with a gun,” Ashton said. “I don’t know any details as far as where in the parking garage, but we have searched all four floors of that parking garage and not found anything that poses a threat to campus.”

Students originally reported to Spinnaker around 6:08 p.m. that there was a heavy increase of police on campus near the Arena Parking Garage. According to the University, they sent out an alert at 6:12 p.m. and while some students and staff received the message, they are looking into technical issues in why others did not.

UNF sent out a call and text at approximately 7:02 p.m. to inform students “UPD is responding to a possible armed individual in Arena Garage Building 38” and that classes have been canceled for the remainder of the day. Classes will resume as normal on Tuesday.

Courtesy of Aisling Glocke.

At approximately 7:33 p.m. the university sent out a text telling students the search had been concluded and the area has been rendered safe by UPD.

Courtesy of Aisling Glocke.

Kevin Haenszel tweeted a video at 6:02 p.m. showing UNF Police searching the Arena Garage.


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