Does UNF Need More Electric Vehicle Charging Stations?

Cara Jackson 

Electric vehicle charging stations were the topic of conversation at this week’s Sustainability Committee meeting. Possibly unbeknownst to some, UNF does currently have two charging stations located at the southeast section of Lot 53, just adjacent to Hicks Hall. Here, students are able to charge up their environmentally friendly vehicles for just one dollar per hour. Currently, there are only two charging stations available on campus, which left some committee members wondering, do we need more?

Although the charging stations do come at a pretty penny, some members expressed that they may offer an added convenience to students who might not have access to EV stations at their student housing residence, where charging stations seem to be scarce. Another point suggested was that providing more EV stations closer to campus might encourage students who are in the market for a new car to consider purchasing an electric vehicle rather than a gas-powered one.

The committee hopes to gain more information on how many students currently own an electric vehicle, in order to gauge whether or not more EV stations are something students can benefit from. The committee will meet again for their final meeting of the semester on April 11.

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