Student Government unanimously approves new defibrillators for Student Union

Alex Del Dago, Student Government Reporter

A decision regarding student safety was made in Senate on Friday, March 29. Student Government unanimously consented to allocate $3,814.80 from the Special Requests Index and fund the purchase of four new defibrillators/AEDs in the Student Union.

Senator Thatcher Hart and Student Government Assistant Director Jason Edgar presented the bill on the Senate Floor, pointing out to the senators that this proposal could save future lives. Hart and Edgar cited that UNF PD currently has 17 defibrillators and proposed that installing 4 more in the Student Union would shorten the time for help to arrive.

The plan presented was to install one on each floor of Student Union East and one on the ground floor of SU West.

After questions from the senators about how safe and easy this would be for bystanders to use and also if this would be susceptible to people stealing the equipment, discussion occurred. Senator Christopher Tasker made a motion to consent the bill with no opposition. The bill passed unanimously.

Also on the Senate agenda was the validation of the Spring elections. This confirmed John Aloszka as President-Elect and Natalie Costello as Vice President-Elect. The bill also acclimated 15 senators, meaning they continue to keep their seats for another term since not enough senators ran to have a contested election.

In the last few moments of the meeting, the senators unanimously appointed Rachel Simmons as a new Senator, 31-0-0. In her brief speech and questioning, she mentioned her ability to be objective, open-minded, and non-bias as good characteristics for becoming a senator.


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