Our Diverse World: Robin Magnelli speaks at UNF

Teeryana Bryant

UNF hosted an event with guest speaker Robin Magnelli. The event was titled “Our Diverse World,” and addressed evolution and creation. Magnelli discussed the different theories that have been used to explain our world’s beginnings. She explained that people have used evidence-based logic, such as inductive or deductive reasoning, law or theories and evolution or creation. According to Magnelli, one of the key factors to finding the answers is “how much time is involved.”

Many people have referred to fossils that show us how, who and what was created, but “a buried bone isn’t the same thing as a fossil,” Magnelli said.

Magnelli discussed that people see things that resemble each other and how they then deduce the commonality as either a common ancestor or common design. For example, the relationship between humans and the chimpanzees. According to the theory of evolution, the similar facial features and bone structure points to a common ancestor; however, it could be just a resemblance.

Michelle Cencich, an audience member, spoke to how impressed she was with Magnelli’s presentation.  “The evidence she showed, like the center of the earth and the universe and the way our body is molecularly put together. That it has a design and intelligence behind it,” Cencich said. “It was very thought provoking.”

Meg Kish, another audience member, also commented on the presentation in a positive way.
“I have really seen more detail than I realized there was,” Kish said.
Magnelli expressed her desire for those attending her presentation to leave with more information. Magnelli encouraged those in attendance to “Know why you think what you think. Why you believe what you believe. And have evidence that supports it.”


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