Student Government makes shifts heading into the new school year

Alex Del Dago, Government Reporter

It was a long and emotional day in the Senate meeting on Friday, April 12, as it was the last for many and the start of something new for some. It was the last day in office for the DuPilka-Bermudez administration and the swearing in of the Alozska-Costello administration.

Instead of the usual executive branch reports at which time the members of the cabinet give their briefs for the week, the Senate floor was filled with tears and farewells as the Attorney General, Student Advocate, Treasurer, Vice President and President all said one last goodbye. Standing ovations from the senators followed each cabinet member’s presentation and cheers echoed in the chambers.

Following these reports came new business. Senate President Pluchon presented the updated Legislative Branch Policies and Procedures to the general senate on some of the new amendments, including the new senator service contracts that will be implemented by next fall semester. This will mark the start of senators getting paid for their work in Student Government. The resolution passed unanimously, 29-0-0. As a result, each senator will soon receive $300 per each full fall or spring semester they serve and $200 per summer semester.

Next up were bills for the modernization of Title VI, the Elections Code and Student Union repairs. The updated elections code featured more tightly structured grammar and clarifications on what can and cannot be discussed during elections on the third floor. This bill passed unanimously 27-0-0. The senators then unanimously approved a $1.1 million bill to help facilitate repairs to the Student Union that haven’t been worked on since it opened in 2009. This sum of money will be taken from the Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Student Union Fee Fund.

After this, two new applicants for associate justices went before the general senate for presentations and questioning. Both got approved and will soon be an official part of the Judicial Branch. There is now only one vacant associate justice seat remaining.

Following, the Dupilka-Bermudez administration left the chambers and Alozska-Costello were officially sworn in and took their place as the newly-elected Student Body President and Vice President.

Nominations for new Legislative cabinet positions then opened up. The following senators are running:

Office of the Senate President: Senator Hart (uncontested)

Office of the Senate President Pro Tempore: Senators Materazzi & Tasker

Budget & Allocations Committee Chair: Senators Smith & Kampouroglou

University & Student Affairs Committee Chair: Senators Dougherty & Selin

Government Oversight Committee Chair: Senator Simmons (uncontested)

Senators can still nominate themselves or other senators at next Friday’s meeting where votes will be cast.


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