Police Beat: Tent vs. car, stolen phone and stolen athletic gear

Heydi Ortiz, News Editor

Tent vs. Car

UNFPD was dispatched to parking lot 18 on May 4 in response to a damaged vehicle. The complainant stated that unknown individuals set up a tent behind his car which had caused damage to the left rear of quarter panel of his vehicle.

According to the incident report, police met with the person who had set up the tent. He admitted he had set a tent up behind the complainants vehicle and left the tent for a short period of time to attend a track event at the UNF stadium. When he came back he discovered the tent he set up had been blown over by the wind and noticed that the tent had struck the complainants vehicle and scratched it.

The report says the complainant decided to work it out with the person who set up the tent but wanted the incident documented.

Stolen phone

On May 2, the UNF Police Department responded to call in response to a missing cell phone.

Upon arrival, police made contact with the victim who stated he left his cell phone on top of a trash can outside of his classroom while he was inside for a meeting. When he came out approximately 15 minutes later the phone was gone.

According to the report, he stated he did not know who had his phone and the maintenance person stated they did not have it. He attempted to track his phone on “ find my phone” but his phone was not turned on.

The police report then goes on to say that there were no cameras in the the area and there were no witnesses. He was instructed to contact UNF police if his phone was located or tracked and was given a case information card.

Patrol efforts were suspended due to the lack of information.

Stolen athletic gear

UNFPD responded to a call on May 4, about a reported list of items missing from a personal backpack. According to police, the victim stated items were left unattended inside of his backpack at Hodges Field, during a track and field meet.

The report says the victim stated he left his bag on the book rack. When he returned after his race, he could not find his bag. The victim stated he looked around for his bag and found it on the south side of the stadium. When he looked inside he discovered $40 in cash was missing along with Nike flip flops, Nike running shoes, a UF hat, a t-shirt and Nike sweatpants.

Patrol efforts were suspended due to the lack of suspect information and cameras in the area.


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