Letter to the editor: Life at conception

Ren Thomas

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A zygote is a zygote. An embryo is an embryo. A fetus is a fetus. Not all of them are ‘people’. A literal grouping of cells that has no consciousness, nervous system, development at all, is not a person. It is a group of cells, nothing more.

The claim that abortion is used as a form of birth control is unfounded and frankly insulting. Abortions cost over $500 and a person can get pregnant immediately after. Birth control pills are, at max, $25 a pack. An IUD is about $2000 but can last up to six years. The depo shot is around $100 every three months. Just looking at the cost, abortion is not a logical way of birth control. Not to mention it’s not a short or easy process.
I’ve heard stories of people who nearly died from carrying their last pregnancy to term. People who were being FORCED to get pregnant by their partners. Others who had their partners purposefully sabotage their method of birth control in an effort to get them pregnant.
As for the sperm donor? (Not everyone with a penis is male, not everyone with a vagina is female, get over it). Yes they played a part in the formation of the zygote. But they get no say in what someone does with their body.
Unless you have a uterus and the potential to get pregnant, you should not have a say in this. You can have an opinion, that’s your right as a human. But this does not concern you. You need to keep your paws off other people’s bodies.
Gilead, here we come. Nolite te carborundum.

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