The app that turns sleeping into a game

Heydi Ortiz, News Editor

On Tuesday, May 28, the CEO of the Pokémon Company announced at a Pokémon press conference that they would be releasing a game much like Pokémon Go, except this game doesn’t involve walking. It involves sleeping. Yes, you’ll be able to play a game while sleeping or taking your daily nap. Every college students dream right?

Pokémon Sleep will work with a device Nintendo is calling the Pokémon Go Plus Plus which will be continued to be used like a regular Pokémon Go Plus during the day. The app is meant to help track your sleep and monitor sleep patterns turning sleeping into entertainment.

“At least you can get more sleep! I don’t know, if you’re really up for Pokemon like that go ahead and hit them Z’s,” said UNF biology student Laryn Fagan.  “It’s probably not gonna be as good as Pokémon Go but we’ll see”

Unfortunately, the app won’t be out until 2020.

Among the other apps announced at the press conference were Pokémon Home and Pokémon Masters.


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