What your fashion choice reveals about you

Victoria Reed

Fashion is glamorous and beautiful, but it also holds a hidden power that you can access if you so choose to.

Clothing has long been a carrier for  visual communication, and can be used to send strong messages.

“I love when fashion becomes a vehicle for sharing a powerful message,” said Serena Williams in an article with Nike.  

This black and white photo of Serena Williams standing front and center surrounded by other strong faces and the Nike logo “Just do it” is just one example of how clothing conveys both power and beauty.

But, fashion can be about more than just a person’s appearance. Fashion can also be used to display the invisible qualities that come from within a person. Think of it as a visual manifestation of the inner self.

Color and volume can be used as tools to reveal specific characteristics. Bold colors emphasize confidence, it says I’m not afraid to be seen while bright colors convey fun and excitement.

Think about clothing the same way you would think about a painting. If you were looking at a painting with minimum color–mostly blacks, whites and grays–and very clean lines and geometric shapes then you may feel a sense of conciseness or neatness.

Now, think about a person wearing an outfit that lacks movement, the fabrics are stiff, form-fitting, and there is minimum color. The last thing you would sense from this person is excitement and fun. What you may sense is seriousness and professionalism.

Now, let’s go back to the photo of Williams which I hope by now you have clicked the link to and checked out. Let’s break down what we may sense from her clothing. She’s wearing a cape-jacket that’s reminiscent of a superhero and displays power. Williams is also wearing a long flowy maxi skirt that shows her grace and femininity. On her feet, she wears black and white sneakers, which indicates athleticism.

Granted, Williams is well-known and background context may inform some of the conclusions drawn from her clothing. But overall what is clear is, that without speaking one word, she is saying I’m a strong, beautiful, athletic woman.

The point is, clothing can be more than something you throw on your back. Clothing can be a way to tell the world who you are.


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