Opinions: It’s time we cancel out this cancel culture

Devan Shepard

A few days ago, TV host and 90’s heartthrob Mario Lopez stepped into uncharted territory while he was a guest on a YouTube show done by controversial Trump supporter Candace Owens. Lopez was giving his opinion about Charlize Theron raising her child, who she says identifies as transgender. Lopez gave his opinion that at such a young age a child cannot possible know they are transgender and he felt situations like that could lead to repercussions later on. For comments like these, Mario Lopez was called everything from trans-phobic to a has-been and was #canceled.

Now as someone who supports LGBT rights, I must say that I did not see what he said that was all that bad. I do believe sometimes we are quick to label kids transgender when really these kids might just grow up to be gay or bisexual. I also believe that Mario Lopez may not fully understand the transgender community, and that is ok. We have to give people room to make mistakes and ask hard and, yes, sometimes ask offensive questions.

I do not think if someone asks a question about transgender identity or even gay or bisexual identity that automatically makes them a bigot or even a bad person. Canceling someone does not help with that process at all. It only divides people and also stops honest debate from being pushed forward. It also further drives people into their echo chambers.

In a time of great division and deep mistrust in one another, it is time to let our guards down and let us be human and make some mistakes. It is also time to stop being so sensitive about certain topics such as transgender kids. There are people who feel uncomfortable about it and they have a right to feel this way. However, if you support transgender kids, then maybe listen to them and address their concerns instead of canceling them.

Let us cancel out #canceled.

Here is Mario Lopez Comments:

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