Two-factor authentication is coming: Time to rise and shine without MyWings issues

Courtney Green, News Editor

If you’re already annoyed with the two-factor authentication notifications…You’ll be even more annoyed tomorrow.

MyWings can be a hassle to login into on a good day, but tomorrow morning will be the worst experience you’ve had yet if you don’t download Duo and set up the two-factor authentication system.

UNF Information Technology Services assures students that it is a quick and painless process. According to their Frequently Asked Questions page, you cannot opt out of using Duo.

If you don’t enroll in Duo, you will not be able to access MyWings. If you can’t access MyWings, you can’t register for classes when registration opens, you can’t pay for classes and you won’t be able to access your swanky free Wall Street Journal subscription.

So enroll in Duo today, Ospreys!



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