What’s the deal with durable goods?

Emily Echevarria, Government Reporter

UNF Student Government operates under a $4 million budget, which is constructed and voted on at the beginning of every spring semester. With the budget for 2020 currently being developed,  Student Body President John Aloszka has announced a new initiative to focus on accountability and responsible management of funds.

Recently, Aloszka announced a new Executive Order to manage the durable goods purchased by Student Government. A durable good is a product that is reusable and stored over a period of time, and many clubs purchase these items using money provided through Student Government. 

If a club requires money to purchase durable goods or plan events, they submit requests through the Budget and Allocations Committee, which are then forwarded to Senate for a vote. However, there is not currently a system to track those goods purchased by clubs, and the requests for money for durable goods have totaled over $25,000. This is funded by the Activity and Service Fee every Osprey pays as part of their tuition each semester. 

Aloszka pointed out the issues he saw with this, stating, “Let’s say, everyone in (a club) graduates. Where has everything that they’ve bought with student money gone? How do we get that back? How do we see what’s salvageable?”

The Executive Order creates an Ad-Hoc committee to keep track of the inventory of goods and coordinate with various clubs. The committee was created to “conduct reviews of the current and past inventory and tracking procedures of durable goods,” as per the Executive Order. 

“It’s really just about holding accountable all the different things students have paid for so we know exactly where it is, what it is, and can track it,” Aloszka said. 

The Ad-Hoc will produce a report for Aloszka to coordinate on the inventory before the end of the Fall semester. 


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