President Szymanski releases statement regarding bathroom vandalism

Courtney Green, News Editor

President Szymanski has released a statement sent out to the entire Osprey community regarding the recent report of vandalism in bathrooms in Founder’s Hall (Building 2) and Skinner Jones Hall (Building 4) over Thanksgiving break.

The vandalism in Founder’s Hall consisted of the words “F*uck UNF and –” spray painted on the back of a bathroom door. Additionally, a  large swastika and male genitals were spray painted inside the bathroom. It was reported on Monday by a custodial supervisor. In Skinner Jones Hall, one men’s bathroom on the first floor and another on the second floor were vandalized with the image of a smiley face, the letters “1WW” and “161.”

In his statement, President Szymanski condemned the acts and warned of criminal charges for the individual(s) responsible.

“These acts were cowardly and appalling, and opposed to everything we stand for as a university. In addition, this type of vandalism is a serious crime, and anyone who commits such an act faces the risk of arrest and criminal prosecution,” he wrote.

The UNF President also asked the Osprey community to assist UPD in their efforts to locate the perpetrator(s).

“As the UPD continues to investigate this incident, we are also seeking help from the greater Osprey community. If you have any information regarding this case, or any similar incident, we strongly encourage you to call the UPD at (904) 620-2800. If you wish to remain anonymous, please utilize the online UNF Silent Witness tip form. You can also access UNF Silent Witness through the UNF Safe Ospreys app by clicking “Report a Tip” on the homepage.”

In addition to asking the Osprey community for help, President Szymanski has asked Provost Simon Rhodes to create what he calls a “UNF Campus Community Task Force” in order to “ensure a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment” at UNF.

“This task force will include broad representation from the university community, including students, faculty, administrators and staff. Provost Rhodes is already working with UNF’s Student Government and Faculty Association leadership to begin identifying task force members,” President Szymanski wrote at the conclusion of his email.

All of this comes after a semester punctuated by Nazi imagery in the form of neo-Nazi recruitment flyers that were found by students, as well as calls from Students for a Democratic Society for increased action by the current university administration


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