Police beat 1/16: razor blades and a damaged TV

Alex Bowman, Police Reporter

Damaged Library TV 

Tuesday afternoon, a UPD officer was dispatched to the UNF Carpenter Library in reference to a damaged TV on the second floor.

When the officer arrived, he observed the damaged TV. At first glance, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it. However, when the officer turned on the TV, there was visible damage to the lower right corner.

There was no exact information on when the damage occurred.

Razor blade found on paper towel dispenser 

Watch where you put your hands.

Tuesday night, a UPD officer responded to a call from a student who found a razor blade taped to a paper towel dispenser in a Building 59 restroom.

The complainant said he had washed his hands and went to get paper towels from the dispenser when he received a small cut on his thumb. After this, he noticed the small razor blade on the lever of the dispenser. The complainant removed the razor blade and threw it in the trash and called UPD.

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