Aloszka answers questions on new grading system and refunds

Emily Echevarria, Government Reporter

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On Friday evening, March 27, Student Body President John Aloszka went live on Student Government’s Instagram to discuss UNF’s alternate grading system and refunds. 

As he cooked tempura cauliflower and brussel sprouts, Aloszka began by addressing the new grading system, which was announced Thursday, March 27. This system, colloquially being called “ABSU,” is optional for students to select from April 6 to April 20 on MyWings. 

For students that opt in, grades of A’s and B’s will remain, while C’s will be converted to Satisfactory, and D’s and F’s will be converted to Unsatisfactory. 

“It’s essentially a safety net for students who don’t do super well this semester,” Aloszka said. 

“This is a little bit different than Pass/Fail, because you won’t actually fail,” he said. “So in  a Pass/Fail system, if you pass it doesn’t help your GPA, but if you fail, you still get a 0 and it still dings you.”

This system, which was developed by Student Government, the Faculty Association, and the University Administration, has varying effects for students of different programs. 

“Check with your advisor before you opt into this system because if you are in a certain program, you might need to have a grade. If you wanna go to med school, med school is not going to take a Satisfactory as a passing grade,” Aloszka said. 

For students who opt into the system, they cannot then change their mind and opt out. 

The university also extended the withdrawal period until April 17th for students who need it. 

“I know some people have asked if it affects financial aid. Right now it doesn’t seem to because the State of Florida has given us a lot of leeway on that, but check with the Financial Aid office,” Aloszka advised. 

Aloszka then turned to discussing the refunds policy, which he worked with future Student Body President Ally Schneider to develop. 

Each refund will differ depending on the amount of months left in your contract and the amount of money you’ve paid to housing. Students who live at the Flats are not eligible, but will be released from their housing contract as soon as they move out. Students can leave their items in their dorm for no fee. 

To be eligible, you have to move out and inform the university via the Housing Portal. 

For dining refunds, a decision has not been made yet as the university is working with Chartwells to develop a policy. 

“It’s most likely going to be just how much money is left in your account,” he said. “So some of you might not get dining refunds at all if you’re like me and eat all 30 of your meals in the first week of class,” he said.

The university anticipates it will take 2-4 weeks for refunds to be dispersed. Aloszka recommends that students opt into direct deposits so that the money will be given to them directly. If you do not opt in, the refund will be mailed.

Do not email OneStop. OneStop will not be able to help you with financial aid,” Aloszka said. 

“So parking refunds… I’m going to say probably not. We’re going to look into that. We haven’t discussed it yet. I think we were just trying to get housing and meal plans done as soon as possible, because that’s the most amount of money,” Aloszka said. 

“No promises on that,” he continued, “because we’re already like 75% through the semester. So your parking pass refund is going to be super small. It’s going to be like $15.”

Aloszka also stated that the International Center is still working on study abroad refunds and recommended contacting them with specific questions regarding a study abroad program. 


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