The Last Dance review: a dramatic and emotional conclusion

John Watson, Sports Editor

The 10-part Michael Jordan documentary series concluded in dramatic fashion as the last two episodes of “The Last Dance” aired on Sunday night.

Image: Cliff on flickr

Episode 9

Episode nine proved to be one of the more intriguing episodes as personal stories were shared and a shocking twist on an iconic game was brought to the spotlight.

Current Golden State Warriors head coach and former Bulls point guard Steve Kerr shared his story on his father Malcolm Kerr’s unfortunate death. Tears were shed across the country as the backstory of Jordan’s famed teammate was displayed. The volume of such tragedy impacted Steve Kerr’s life and the way he approached basketball showed a new side of Jordan’s under-appreciated teammate.

As personal stories were shared, an interesting anecdote about the origin of Jordan’s “flu game” raised questions about what went down the night before game five of the 1997 NBA Finals.

Jordan believes he was the subject of a suspect pizza delivery and the “flu game” wasn’t caused by the flu. It was actually food poisoning. This story was shocking to hear, as the world was in skeptic belief for 23 years that Jordan had caught the flu and played through it in an iconic game. 

With food poisoning and the tragic story of Steve Kerr’s father, episode nine proved to be a fan favorite episode of the series. Never-before-seen words were spoken and Jordan’s legacy added yet another layer of depth.


Episode 10

The conclusion of “The Last Dance” finally showed the viewers across the country what went down in the 1998 NBA Finals and the conclusion of coach Phil Jackson’s tenure with the Bulls.

While tip-toeing and easing into Jordan’s final jump shot with the Bulls, the series showed the drama of what went down in the Eastern Conference Finals. Jordan’s journey and dedication to a winning legacy showed viewers the grind that went into the championships and how tough it was to beat the Bulls during their 1998 championship campaign.

Jordan’s iconic last shot was surprisingly not the best part of the episode. What happened after the Bulls final championship stuck with many viewers. While the team did not want the run of championships to end, it really was “The Last Dance” and the Bulls had to deal with the end of such an inspirational era in Chicago

The end of an iconic dynasty proved that everything has to come to a conclusion at some point. With the tenth and final episode of the series highlighting the end of an era, it was a fitting finale to one of the year’s best events.


Series Final Points

As Covid-19 continues to change the world and impacts life as we know it, “The Last Dance” proved to be a weekly escape from the current situation and the devastation that comes with a pandemic.

As many live sports begin to return to national television, the 10-part documentary series created much needed debate and dialogue among sports fans and filled a sports-sized hole in the hearts of millions of viewers.

Director Jason Hehir and the production crew at ESPN formed a special bond with sports fans as the legacy of “The Last Dance” and Michael Jordan will live on forever.


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