How to use the Safe Ospreys App

Sheifalika Bhatnagar, Reporter

All UNF students, faculty and staff must download the new Safe Ospreys application for the Fall semester. 

The primary purpose of Safe Ospreys App is the self-evaluation tool which is used to determine possible COVID-19 symptoms by answering a short list of questions. Once the students fill out the form, they will be granted permission to attend campus in person. 

The Safe Ospreys app also has many resources available to promote safety on campus, such as links to the U.P.D., and links to the counseling center. In addition to safety measures available, the app also has the latest UNF Coronavirus Updates and additional COVID-19 resources available. 

To download the Safe Ospreys, go to the App store and get it for free. Before coming to campus, open the app and click the “COVID Resources” link at the bottom of the main page. 

Then, go to the first link called “Daily Self-Screening” to fill out a short questionnaire. You will be asked to provide your email and phone number. After that, you will answer the questions regarding your exposure to anyone with the coronavirus in the past two weeks, followed by assessing your own symptoms – including your temperature. 

Once completed, you will receive a verification allowing you to attend campus. The confirmation will be given in green text, and the hotline for the Student Health Services is also provided.

 UNF continues to encourage the Ospreys community to stay safe by wearing masks, washing hands, and socially distancing yourself.


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