UNF receives new Art Gallery Director; Upcoming exhibitions


Darvin Nelson, News Editor

UNF has multiple art galleries throughout the campus – some filled with beautiful and compelling imagery. These galleries are now under a new Director, Jessica Borusky.

Borusky will curate art for the UNF gallery, Lufrano Intercultural Gallery, and the M.O.C.A. – as well as work with the UNF Carpenter Library exhibit.

Jessica got an M.F.A. in studio art from Tufts University and School of the Museum of Fine Arts, along with a concentration in gender studies via the M.I.T. Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium. Borusky has shown work all over the globe, from Quebec to India.

Designing courses — that show a diverse background in queer-femenist art and theory, arts and social justice, and more — are one of the initiaves Borusky is working on. 

Jessica also teaches a course on gallery practices in which they explore relationships between turn-of-the-century American Exceptionalism, contemporary individualism, and sexual-queer trauma through humorous performance, video, and installation research projects.

“I am excited to bridge contemporary issues in art with an interdisciplinary, educational framework,” said Borusky to UNF News. “I look forward to working with the campus and local community as well as national and international cultural producers to create connections between arts and social justice.”

The UNF gallery will be hosting multiple exhibits this semester presenting several local and national creators and addressing societal issues: 

Enlivened Spaces Class Exhibit:

Installation exhibit with works from sculpture students in UNF sculpture professor Jenny Hager’s Spring 2020 course. Exhibition held Sept. 10 -Sept. 30.

Pre[serve] Art Exhibition:

Works shown are inspired by the UNF Sawmill Slough Preserve in partnership with the UNF Environmental Center. Exhibition held Sept. 10 -Sept. 30.

How Soon is Now? Annual Art, Art History, and Design (A.A.H.D.) Faculty Exhibition:

This gallery showcases A.A.H.D. faculty work based on the COVID-19 pandemic. Exhibit held Oct. 8 – Nov. 12.

Artworker United:

Projection screening, partnered with local organizations, such as Yellow House, Axe Handle Saturday, Beams of Enlightenment, and Color Jax Blue. Exhibition held Oct. 8 – Nov. 12 at the Lufrano Intercultural Gallery.

Annual A.A.H.D. Senior Exhibition:

Features work from the A.A.H.D. department’s senior students from spring and fall 2020. Material-forward work will be shown at the UNF Gallery of Art, and work based on social topics will be displayed in the Lufrano Gallery. Exhibitions held Nov. 19 – Jan. 14, 2021.

Multiple Ones: Contemporary Perspective in Print Media:

This exhibition will highlight printmaking as a medium and feature contemporary work. The artists work with unconventional methods and unique work. The exhibition was curated by Sheila Goloborotko, UNF printmaking professor. Exhibition held July 1 – Jan. 24, 2021 at UNF Gallery of Art at MOCA Jacksonville.

Because of COVID-19, visits to the exhibit are coordinated by appointment only. “Members of the Osprey community are encouraged to make an appointment and explore these exhibitions as they highlight the campus community,” published University News.

 Appointments can be made by email: [email protected].


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